The graphic design of the past is not the graphic design of today. If in the past the print was the king, billboards, magazines, brochures and flyers, then today the digital rules – banners, design for social networks, websites, apps.
So even if you previously studied graphic design in an orderly way and made a career in the field, you may need to refresh your knowledge, acquire tools in the popular software and update the set of technical and creative skills for the world of graphic design in its current form. An opportunity to be exposed to more career options and upgrade the professional position in all respects, including salary.

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An integral part of the graphic activity of the period’s designers is related to the design of the user interface – UI (User Experience) which is designed to provide a friendly, action-motivating, branded user experience.

Why study graphic design with a specialization in digital design?
The UI design focuses on the visual experience of what the user sees and experiences in the interface in front of him, whether it is a website, an application, an internal organizational system, a video game.
Graphic designers, who are responsible for the UI aspect refer to the intuitive design of the screens through which the user passes, the user’s contact points with the screen, the design of the buttons and various visual elements, navigation elements, scroll bars.
It is a winning combination between functionality and aesthetics, and to create an effective and high-quality UI requires significant knowledge of responsive design, familiarity with trends, identification of image identity, conveying messages in the right way while emphasizing the smallest details, typography.
As soon as a graphic designer can also work on UI, he actually brings added value to the project and can produce the design from the user’s point of view to also achieve a better user experience.
The work often includes working with developers, programmers, the client, synchronization with UX. This is a job that includes fascinating tasks, also based on psychology and the most important design principles for success, and there is no doubt that a graphic designer who comes with knowledge of UI has a competitive advantage in the market both as an independent multidisciplinary graphic designer and as a hired multidisciplinary graphic designer.
Since today everyone produces and purchases and invests in digital assets – the demand for graphic designers who know UI is on the rise and it is definitely worth taking the career in graphic design to the next step and mastering digital graphic design and especially UI.
In order to create a path to a career in the field, one must study at a reputable place, which is connected to the industry and offers studies that include a comprehensive familiarity with the graphic programs common in design and digital.

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What does a graphic design course at John Bryce include?
A graphic design course at John Bryce is exactly the course you were looking for at the leading college in its field with branches in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. The course is updated for contemporary industry needs and in addition to the popular software and tools purchased as part of the course, there is a practical emphasis on digital graphic design.
For example, learning and mastering the XD software from Adobe – a vector design tool for web and mobile applications that is available for macOS and Windows, which also has versions for iOS and Android to help preview the result of working directly on mobile devices.
Also, the course includes learning Figma – a collaborative cloud-based design tool for the purposes of designing a user interface and user experience for network applications and mobile applications and other tools that are mandatory today for a digital graphic designer. The course also includes UX basics and also combines web design studies in WordPress, computer illustration, image processing and more.
At John Bryce we offer you the graphic design course in your preferred format – face-to-face studies or distance learning in a live class with excellent lecturers from the industry. The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with hands on.
The deposit can be redeemed for veterans as well as benefit from the services of the graduate placement department which helps in finding a job free of charge.
The beauty is that even if you have never studied graphic design in the past, the course will suit you because it starts from the basics and provides the knowledge required for work immediately upon completion. But even if you studied graphic design in the past and time has passed since then and you want to improve your attitudes and acquire applied knowledge that is suitable for the current era and break into the digital world – a graphic design course at John Bryce will give you exactly what you are looking for to do this.