Managing the organization’s resources in the best way
The saap system is a system that allows the organization to manage end-to-end business processes including accounting, sales, logistics and production and all in an integration that helps in gaining a great perspective while maximizing the organization’s resources in a particularly efficient manner.
saap has various solutions for human capital management, production planning, projects, distribution, financing, control, quality management and many software packages.
The system basically consists of different modules in three main areas: logistics, human resources and finance. That is, the system provides solutions for materials management, logistics execution, supply chain, payroll and recruitment as well as business services such as travel management.
The saap system consists of 3 layers: the presentation layer which provides a friendly graphical interface which is the interface between the user and the system, the application layer which is the core of the system responsible for the business logic and transaction processing such as producing reports and interfacing with other applications and the database layer which refers to the data created by the business and the saap application software .

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saap as a growth engine for any organization
The system has many advantages that have positioned it as a leader in the field: it has great flexibility, which organizations need so much today in the changing dynamic era. That is, you can determine the parameters for custom transactions, assign permissions to each area in the saap environment, perform data integration with databases. The system has exceptional capabilities for managing transactions and in-depth analysis that helps in making decisions. Studies indicate that there is a direct connection between the use of the system and an increase in work productivity, because without saap systems, many organizations would have been forced to use multiple programs on different platforms and might have missed the “big picture”, not to mention wasting resources. The system saves costs and allows for ongoing monitoring of business conduct and accordingly to define an effective strategy. The application and implementation of the system gives every company a competitive advantage based on an advanced technological solution. The system makes it possible to make a more accurate prediction of the business reality, to create strategic cooperation between departments that combine knowledge and thus enables more efficient business processes including the automation of various processes. The system allows access to the database from anywhere and customization for different projects and unique needs. With saap systems it is easier to provide quality customer service and the systems provide high level information security. The system provides real-time reports so that it reduces risks in advance and allows to respond as soon as possible to various changes in the industry and the organization. saap often innovates in modules and advanced technological platforms in the field of BI to analyze data and make faster and more informed decisions that can be implemented, including cloud solutions that allow access from anywhere and at any time with maximum flexibility.

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saap for a successful career
saap systems have had a significant impact on the occupational arena with a variety of roles related to working with the system. The advantage is that you can integrate into the field even without a previous technical background and, in fact, are suitable for all types of organizations and businesses and for a variety of positions. For example, the saap implementer is responsible for the implementation, installation and management of the saap system in the company, where he is the one who characterizes the processes and defines the various modules in direct accordance with the company’s needs, including monitoring performance, providing technical support and implementing upgrades. There is also another challenging role of a saap system instructor who is responsible for imparting knowledge to employees regarding the effective use of the system. There are organizations looking to hire the services of saap supporters who solve problems, grant permissions to users, lead processes related to the system. Also, specialization of saap testers and more. In the world of saap there are also specializations when some choose to focus on saap from the financial aspect, logistics systems or various modules such as BI/BW.
In order to integrate into the saap world that never stops renewing itself for a moment, it is recommended to study saap at an institution that offers an official training center of the global saap company. There are a variety of courses with specializations including advanced trainings for those who deal with saap and wish to expand their knowledge. The studies include a variety of models such as MM-PUR, PM, PS FI, SD, CO. Also, a combination of theory and practice, practical projects as well as reference to aspects related to regulation and innovations. The courses also prepare for the prestigious saap international certification exams – the certification that opens doors in many industries all over the world!