Product Features

Roobet Business One software is a business management software that offers an applicable and affordable solution to manage your entire organization: finance, sales, CRM customer relations, procurement, inventory and logistics, production, service and reports.

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Improve Internal & External Communication

The system includes a wide set of tools that allows you to manage and control financial activity.
Daily financial operations are carried out automatically:
The accounting module allows, among others: journal entries, customer and supplier management, fixed asset management, adjustments, bank statements, payments, receipts, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, trial balance sheet, budgetary control.

Collect Actionable Data

The system allows you to effectively manage the entire sales process and the customer’s life cycle – from the initial contact stage through the final sale, service and support.

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The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Content Management

The system allows you to manage the entire procurement process, starting from the stage of requesting a quote from the book, creating a purchase order and paying suppliers. saap Business One was designed to provide an answer to the complete management of the procurement process through purchase requisition documents, purchase orders, inventory receipts, returns, supplier invoices, payments and procurement reports.

Data Analytics

The system provides accurate information on the processes of reception (inbound) and delivery of shipments (outbound), inventory and location of items in warehouses and locations.
An inventory value report can be generated according to different methods – standard price, moving average, FIFO, LIFO and more.
The solution allows you to manage inventory levels and track inventory movements in real time.

Community Management

The production module enables comprehensive and full management of the production system in the organization.
You can establish product trees, manage production orders in different statuses, manage resources, track and remove the boys from the inventory and receive the finished product at the end of production.
The solution allows the production personnel to plan and place the production instructions according to the desired order of priorities.

Analyze Customer Data

The service module makes it possible to manage all activities related to the support services that the company provides to customers or the support services that the company receives from suppliers through the service module.
You will optimize the potential of the service department by supporting business functions such as service calls, customer equipment card, service contract management, service planning, customer support and report generation.

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