Corporate networks are under threats that are becoming more sophisticated day by day and require organizations to invest today in increased protection and security measures for the corporate computer network against harmful traffic.

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The risks facing the corporate network today are increasing especially in light of the use of the cloud and a distributed IT environment and they are many, from hacking into confidential information through information leakage to a hostile takeover of the system. The challenge becomes even more complicated with the connection of remote users or the prevailing concept in today’s work environments of employees who bring their laptops to the office (BYOD).
Encouragingly, today there are advanced protection methods and sophisticated security solutions to detect security loopholes and strengthen the network’s defense system:

What is important to know about corporate network protection?
One must be familiar with the risks that exist today for the network of organizations, such as a DDoS attack in which the attackers block or slow down various services to disrupt the operation of the system, ransomware that demands a ransom against the destruction of data, the planting of spyware and surveillance software on computers, and more.
Before implementing a defense strategy and defensive solutions, it is important to perform a technical network control in order to identify weak points in the security as well as to examine how the various measures work in real time if there is an attempt to penetrate the system. It is recommended to also verify the integrity of the various servers and applications.
It is also recommended to refresh the security policy and the various procedures so that everyone connected to the system gets used to it and knows exactly what is expected of them to contribute to the security system. Includes implementing operations such as multi-factor authentication, data backup, creating complex passwords and more.

What are the common practices in protecting corporate networks?
There are various processes to achieve the required protection, such as working on a VPN, a private connection between the employees and the office, especially today in the hybrid employment format, the need to use this type of connection that can keep the data encrypted and mask the IP address also arises.
It is also important to have a supervisor who will assign permissions and supervise the permissions to the network in order to prevent intrusion into the network and above all to define strict controls for managing identities and access – (IAM).
Today many implement the ZTNA zero-trust network approach that promotes secure access to internal applications for remote users where the user must have the necessary permissions to perform the role and every access attempt must be authenticated using multi-factor authentication. Many organizations also use WPA2, an extremely secure type of encryption.
It is worth investing in high-quality products that are considered effective in advance, such as high-quality routers that come with a strong firewall. Many organizations also use a NAC network management platform that controls network connections of various devices based on credentials or addresses and is an effective security mechanism.
The recommendations also include the deployment of a wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS) and a wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) in each network. This system also helps the organization’s cyber personnel to monitor and reduce risks because the system automatically cuts off unauthorized parties.

Where do you learn to protect a corporate network?
Today, the task of cyber defenders is particularly complex when they are required to protect the network from cyber attacks, which are intended to transfer confidential data outside the organization, to protect the network from malware, cyber attacks and other offenses and cyber threats that are becoming more sophisticated day by day.
Organizations are looking for cyber defenders who know how to protect the corporate network in the most efficient and up-to-date ways.

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Therefore, when you plan a career in cyber security, it is important that you learn the required knowledge and go out into the field with all the most practical tools and with the ability to implement and maintain the information security systems, communication networks, Internet connectivity and cloud services that exist in the organization.
In the Magen Cyber ​​Defense course, information security and protection of corporate networks at John Bryce, you will learn in depth and in a comprehensive way about the Enterprise Network Security strategy for large and distributed organizations using today’s advanced technology and the most effective working methods, including how to manage endpoints and their access, familiarization with network hacking techniques and vulnerability scanning, including Experience a sophisticated simulator developed by cyber experts.