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saap Business One is the world’s leading business management software for small and medium enterprises. All the capabilities of ERP in one place, tailored exactly to your business – Roobet

Content Management

saap Business One software is a business management software that offers an applicable and affordable solution to manage your entire organization: finance, sales, CRM customer relations, procurement, inventory and logistics, production, service and reports.

Data Management

The solution allows you to easily and simply manage the processes in the organization and gain deep knowledge and control of the business, so that you can act quickly and make decisions based on real-time information. In this way, you can lead the organization to growth and profitability.

Community Management

The software was designed to suit small and medium enterprises. The solution is flexible and modular, and at the same time powerful with a friendly interface that is so easy to use that you can start working with it throughout the organization from day one.

Analyze Financial Data

As your business grows, you can adapt and expand saap Business One to meet new needs. he system is multi-currency and multi-social, implemented in over 150 countries, supports 28 languages ​​and 44 country-adjusted versions. The system has more than 60,000 customers and over 1 million users worldwide. The flexibility of the system enables solutions in various industrial sectors: retail, industry, warehouses and distribution, professional services, real estate, law firms

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Roobet continuous investment in its customers and the refreshing innovations in version 10.0 provide you with many advantages.

Version 10.0 includes many changes to the variety of modules found in the system, including administration, financial management, sales management, procurement and service, business intelligence, inventory and more.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

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"The saap Business One system allows us to work more efficiently and faster, with the ability of our people to receive the data and business information, in an easy and simple way. Thanks to the application, all the adjustments and dynamic changes that characterize our activities as a company with 15 branches throughout the country are done in a simple way, which optimizes our activities and our business productivity"

– Ali Sayed

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